Psynon Records

Psynon Records is a London based label which started as party crew in 2007 when a group of DJs from different corners of the world met whilst partying at the underground Psytrance parties in London. All sharing similar tastes in music and psychedelia, they decided to organise and promote their own parties with the music they wanted to hear and vibe they wanted to create.

The label was started in 2011 by DJs Whichdoctor and Jibba to continue the spirit of the parties and take it to the next level and to produce and release quality Psytrance. DJ Vertex joined the label as partner in 2012 and has since been managing the label with DJ Whichdoctor. The label has grown over the years with artists from all over the globe.

Our style is predominantly night time, pumping Psytrance with high quality production. As well as throwing top notch events our aim is to promote and release new up-and-coming talent who share our same goal.

Above all we want to create energetic dance floor vibe for people to enjoy themselves.

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