Pixan Recordings

Pixan Recordings is an Italy based Psychedelic trance label managed by Dj Tommi. Tommi started the label in 2005 after almost 10 year of DJ experiences around the globe. The label is oriented in deep and twisted tunes,night-time oriented, but always keeping in mind that music is music.

Pixan Recordings, bored of the abnormous number of music classification in Psytrance nowadays, is trying to fill the space between Dark and Full on, between night and day, between body and soul!

With many release already out, Pixan rec., always tries to don’t just give water to his own flowers but select the music after deep and long listening going from establish act to newcomers generating a new fresh Pixan style.

At the moment the most representative acts of the label are Bon, Dust, Full Face, Jocid, Hookers and Spectralis.
So, what to say, enjoy and remember………it’s all about music!

Current track