NANO Records

NANO Records was formulated on the sunny dance floors of South Africa’s amazing outdoor party scene in 2000, when three DJ’s and friends decided the time was right to start delivering the vibe they were experiencing to the rest of the world. Immediately setting up bases in South Africa and the UK meant UK talent joined with South African and NANO’s Anglo-African trance attack leaped off on firm footing.

NANO is now one of the most respected and loved Psy Trance labels with some of the most popular artists on the global circuit representing artists from all over the planet. Nano is constantly ahead of the pack with new sounds and quality psy-trance.

Now solely owned by DJ Regan who manages the label along with DJ Dala, plus incorporating NANO Bookings, which manages all the bookings of all NANO artists alongside other headlining acts too, NANO Records is at the top of the game and forever keeping it Psychedelic!

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