GreenTree Records

GreenTree Records: After years of experience and a huge evolution in the way we work has led GanjaTree Records to change its name into GreenTree Records, this rebranding took place November 2013.

We will continue to bring the best international live acts and DJs to Belgium in combination with the best Belgium has to offer. Our events are mind-blowing in every way with: Food stalls, shops, lasers, crystal clear sound system, multiple deco teams,… never forgetting the true spirit of psy parties we try to combine quality parties with a cosy, friendly atmosphere from back in the days!

If you’re not convinced. Come check out our next event and get your mind blown!

GreenTree Records (formerly known as GanjaTree Records) started out way back in October 2005 by organizing local events.
After some years and quite a few legendary nights, they wanted to release their visions of Psytrance and Psybient to the world and thus the record label was born.
2011 was the year of their first release: “From Here To Eternity” by the Belgian atmospheric live Psybient/Psytrance band Psygasus, this release put GreenTree immediately on the international label map.
This gem was followed up by several more CD and EP releases by international recognized artists such as D-Ther, Dreadlock Tales, Lucid Manta, Feel, Journey, Hashashin and lots more, check their Beatport page for all their releases.

The grass is always GREENER on our side!

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