Dream Crew Records

Dream Crew Records: Music Record Label, Promoter and Party/Festival Organizer based in Salé & Casablanca, Morocco.
Founded by activists from moroccan psychedelic scene (AchilleSehne / Légolize And Big Bang), Dream Crew is focused on Dark And Forest Pure Psychedelic Tribal Music.

First of all, we organise open air party and the Primitif Festival in morocco. We aims to mix different electronic music cultures and Decoration Arts, with the will to bring a new location for artists from all horizons to express themselves in front of an eclectic audience, in a sharing loving and party atmosphere.

Since 2016, Dream Crew is becoming a label by compiling its first free compilation “Waking Dreams”, we have then formed our young musicians, and we are going to release albums and compilation with tribal, forest, acid, strong Dark trend and grooves to move the buttocks. Our BPM Range is between 150 and 170, we launch in 2018 a side label named “Sweet dreams Records”, for all tribal eclectic music and psychedelic BPMs lower.

Current track