Digital Shamans Records

Digital Shamans Records: In 2013, in the highest village on a mountain in the Swiss Alps, a project was born. Having been attending and organizing parties for his entire adult life, Nick Z3nkai decided to help his friends, help the music he loves and use his many contacts to create a family of musicians that became what is known today as DIGITAL SHAMANS RECORDS.

It was not long before Z3nkai compiled the first release and made a huge first impression for the label. This CD, Altered Gravity, showed off the fresh talent on the label as well as established international artists that supported and loved what the label was doing.

Their sound quickly spread with many artists seeking to be released on the label, Did playing their music at the biggest events and promoters booking them all over the world including USA, Brazil, Canada, New Caledonia and India to name a few. Today, having released 4 CDs and numerous EPs and playing at the worlds events, they bring a heavy line-up of live acts and DJs to rock any party with complicated, detailed, full power psychedelic dance music and are quickly making a name for themselves as the label to watch!

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