Psyshores 2022

Buffalo Bay Beach Parking [Knysna]

Event info
Location:Buffalo Bay Beach Parking
Address: Buffels Bay, 6570 Knysna

Being avid Trance lovers since 2002.
We’ve dedicated our lives to the creation of the ultimate Psychonaught festivals possible. Trying to teach people that we can reach these higher states of Trance without drugs.
Having travelled the world and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, we’ve decided to make our mark in our home land. Where it all started on the shores of the Garden of Eden.

For us, Psyshores is more than a festival… It’s a quest to bring people closer with their higher selves, through a dancing meditation we call Trance. Auditory and visual excellence is our passion. We aim to transform our existence by seeing all the possibilities presented to us clearly.

All while bringing you one of the Most beautiful venues on the planet.

Come and explore a truly new world.
In such an order, that the chaos starts to make sense.

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