Psychedeliczny Toruń 8

NRD Klub [Toruń]

Event info
Location:NRD Klub
Address: Ulica Browarna 6 Toruń

In the first place, the Artists playing ”Live” are marked with the ”’ 🎹 emoticon.
Further on, the Artists are listed alphabetically – ”ABC”.
🧝🏻 ♀️ -Sorceress.
🧙 ♂️ -Wizard.
🎧 – DJ set.

🛸 Decorations:
Be Psychedelic

🎟️ Intro:
25 PLN – students 30 PLN – Friday or Saturday. 50 PLN – entry for Friday and Saturday.
Start: 22:00 End: 06:00

🎯 Club Address:
GDR Club, 6 Browarna Street, Toruń. Patronage: Lost Rave Community Pharmacy

“Be Psychedelic” (formerly Psychotoons Project and Stay Psychedelic) is a collective that has been creating the Psychedelic Trance scene in Poland for several decades, associating DJs and artists from the scene.

In addition to organizing music events, “Be Psychedelic” appeared on the music publishing scene with their compilation “Be Psychedelic – Polish Scene”, which has so far had two parts of the compilation (further parts of the compilation are currently being prepared).

“Be Psychedelic” events are distinguished by the high culture of the participants and psychedelic decorations, which are an integral part of the parties prepared by the collective.

Psychedeliczny Toruń 8
For part 8 of our Toruń tales in addition to DJs from Poland we are to hosting a few foreign DJ’s / Producers:

1) From Malaysia:
Atika Altar (known to you from the Psychedelic Tower 5 event):

2) From India:
DanzigWidow, who will play harder (forrest) than in the posted material:

3) From The Netherlands – Founder of websites such as Psytrance.comPsychedelic.FM :

DJ Triptolemus

No to co? NO TO GRUBO!
We hope you appreciate it!

Be Psychedelic? Yes, please!

Have fun and stay safe!

See you!


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