Primitif Festival 2022

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Primitif Festival 2022 is an underground gathering revolving around psychedelic art and music, and taking place near Marrakech, MOROCCO. Bringing together people from all over the world around a major music genre: Psytrance, but this event also showcases other music genres like Techno, DnB, Progressive, Cumbia Electro, Chill music, etc, and spotlights the Moroccan culture and its richness through intercultural exchange, following a conscious, eco-responsible and respectful of the local habits and customs approach.

Primitif Festival philosophy aims to go back to times when Man had a simple life, in osmosis with his peers and Mother Earth, long before our World knew the madness we live in. Times when through Spirituality, Shamanism and deep connection with Nature, Man was living purely and entirely the gift called Life, and our souls their body-experience.

Nowadays, such men still exist, living far from our societies and their vices. They are called Primitives. We hope you are ready for a complete transformation…

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