Mind Expansion 🧠 II 420-Edition

IJland [Amsterdam]

Event info
Address: Tt. Vasumweg 171, 1033 SG Amsterdam Amsterdam
– Dark Elf (Sonic Loom)
– Steven Woodog (Woo-Dog Recordings)
– Alien Trancesistor (Vantara Vichitra Records)
– Dsompa (Believe Lab)
– Laniakea (Organik Circus)
– Jorine (Occulta Records)
– DJ Reynold (OrganiK Circus)
– DJ Kalanarmada (Psychedelic.FM)
– DJ ThD (Kosmic Fusion)
We will take you on a ride along the deeper and darker genres of #Psytrance. Expect Powerful Psychedelic Foresty Darkness.
There are only Regular tickets left available! Be sure to get yours at http://eventix.shop/byv8j2by

Dark Elf LIVE! (Sonic Loom)

“Dark Elf” is the solo psy-trance project of Dimitri, who is a half french half-greek electronic music producer.

Since 2003 is a pioneer project of the genre, worldwide recognized through musical presence and appearances globally. He participated as a Co-founder and sound engineer in the Sonic Loom Collective, where he released his personal EP “New Era” in 2013.

He is also working on the dub solo project “Fugitive Factor” and he is an active member in Vlastur’s band.

WindowpaiN LIVE (Digital Shiva Power)

WindowpaiN is the Forest Psychedelic project of Nikos from Athens, Greece. He has been into music form the early days as a guitarist and in 2002 dark psychedelic trance production became his main interest till now.

Sishiva LIVE (Banyan Records)

Sissy Danou (aka Sishiva), is one of the rare female psychedelic trance produser in Greece, Athens. Sishivas music is dark, foresty, atmospheric Psytrance.

Steven Woodog (Woo-Dog Recordings)

Steven WooDog (AKA Psyc0de)

Label manager steven has been on the case with WooDog Recs since 2011 supporting artists and DJs on the label as well as compiling various albums ‘A pocket of research’ ‘woodland critters’ ‘mind puzzle’ ‘2020 vision & ‘a woo world order’ 10 years free download. He brings to the party all the latest WooDog material & played all over Europe including the legendary ‘Modem Croatia’ 6 times on the hive stage!

Keep an eye open this year as he’s out and about all year at various events including boomtown in August

Dsompa (Believe Lab)

Dsompa, meaning “flowing together” in Tibetan, is the artistic endeavor of Philipp, a dedicated DJ and producer based in Hamburg, Germany. Dsompa (Believe Lab) has been into electronic music since the late 90s and headlined numerous of festivals and events. He got inspired by the culture, art, and unique sounds of the psychedelic subculture.

In 2007, he took a big step in his music journey. Encouraged by friends from the Ruigoord Community in Amsterdam, he played his first DJ set in the squatted church that had now has been turned into a dance-temple.

Get ready for blends of captivating music to dance to

Alien Trancesistor (Vantara Vichitra Records)

We’re feeling blessed to be able to announce this killer artist to you, who is no one other than the co-owner and label manager of Vantara Vichitra Records.

Jorine (Occulta Records)

Jorine is a seasoned Darkpsy DJ from the Netherlands, crafting her unique psychedelic narrative for almost a decade. Rooted in the German music scene, Jorine seamlessly integrates her passion for dark psychedelic music into the community.

Her musical journey spans from smooth dark progressive/techno tunes to the deepest realms of the Forest. As a skilled selector, Jorine finds an innovative way to take her audience on a journey they didn’t even know they needed.

Step into the world of Jorine, the versatile artist, and experience the quirky quintessence of psychedelic art and culture through her captivating performances!


Laniakea  (Organik Circus)

Label Manager at OrganiK Circus Records and an amazing DJ and Producer

DJ Reynold (OrganiK Circus Records)

Sathya found his anchor with OrganiK Circus Records, where the groovier and darker tunes harmonize. The core of this partnership resonates with his mythical, mystical ethnic roots, enriched by a decade of European immersion.

DJ Kalanarmada (Psychedelic.FM)


Kalanarmada is a frequently seen name on the line-ups in the Dutch Psytrance scene.
Know for his selection of deep energetic forest tracks and energetic sets, he is sure to set the stage on fire
and expand your mind!

Make sure you catch him on stage!

Dj ThD (Kosmos Fusion)

If you are talking about a local DJ who deliver proper forest sets time after time, Thomas is your man. He is for sure among one of our favorite local artists and we are glad to have him on board!

Make sure you catch his set and start your psychedelic ride of 4-20! Expect some amazing Psychedelic Forest Darkness!

Tickets will ONLY be available through Eventix, Ticketswap and Psytrance.com




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