Month: February 2019

(GloOmD022) Dogon – Weird Senses by GloOm Music GloOm Music and Dogon are glad to present Weird Senses. Dogon is the new Project of Felipo aka Millennium.Now with much more experience delights us with a new Ep in wich we will listen his new style full of leads and atmospheres in the purest GloOm sound… [read more]

The Devil Inside [SINGLE] by Sawlead Ground

Breath by Roger Rabbit Iono-Music’s next release is brought to you by Roger Rabbit with his new track ‘Breath’. ‘Breath’ is packed full with innovation. A grinding filthy bass line and militant beat are effectively layered with intensely deep warped sounds and invigorating lines that infiltrate your soul and enliven your spirit to embrace the… [read more]

Space X by Galactic Explorers – Digital Om Productions Here we are with the Galactic Explorers running a space experiment with their intergalactic sounds interacting straight with the cosmos!Project: Space X!

Triceradrops first EP release on BMSS, “Disposable Harmony” is a full on take on psychedelic techno. “Gorge” and “Burn”, both perfectly technodelic, have grinding rumbling basslines that layer and flow over and under dark haunting soundscapes. Weird creepy rhythms tickle your senses. Surreal melodies remain minimal but impactful. A perfect primer to his upcoming compilation on… [read more]

Touch The Eternal by Tristan & Laughing Buddha & Mandala Tristan composed this eleven minute opus for the peak moment of his sets with a clear vision of a huge crowd unified by a beat, locked into rhythm as one stomping mass, blissfully deep in the moment with the sun setting across a dusty dance… [read more]

Royal Rumble 2 by Delirium Tremens, Kusabi, Brain Jam, Psiked'eliah, N.e.s., Saikro

Go by Lesmus Iono-Lounge are pleased to bring you our next two track release! ‘Lesmus’ delivers us a very fresh style of chillout vibes on a track called “Go”, great chord progression that reminds us of sweet lushness which soft synths can produce, followed by various groovy percussion’s and organic conga sounds that set your… [read more]

Mantra by Indra Up next on Iono-Music is the epic release from Indra – called ‘Mantra’. This heavily hypnotizing track is a stunning work of art. With a delectably spiritual vocal, beautifully accompanied with a grinding bass line, revitalizing rhythmical beats and killer anthemic lines – this track will elevate any dance floor and whip… [read more]

Floating Gradients by Weirdbass Purple Hexagon Records is happy to present a new groovy and powerful mini album from Weirdbass in collaboration with masters blasters Synkronic, Psyence of The Apes & Dopadocks.With “Floating Gradients”, Weirdbass is trying to show his new knowledge with analog synthesizers, creating futuristic music for the modern dancefloors. credits Mastered by… [read more]

Fried Patterns by Yabba Dabba Yabba Dabba strike back! Sangoma Records is delighted to present the second EP of the France based duo from New Caledonia. After their first EP “Disjointed” Yabba Dabba have been restless – writing more music and presenting it in places like South America, USA, Japan. The follow up release will… [read more]

Visuals by Altered State Up next on Iono-Music we have this killer release from Altered State – called ‘Visuals’. The title track is an elevating blend of sweet melodies, floating grooves & epic risers all skillfully contrasted with hard hitting stabs, intrinsic sounds, and a rocking kick and bass. For the 2nd track Altered State… [read more]

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