Month: March 2018

Farebi Jalebi, our Indian wizard living and producing in Australia, gives us now 2 tracks in present: yes…that’s right…for free and here are few words from him about it: “Hey Parvatroopers ! So I am sharing two tracks that i made few years ago… Before they fade away and get abandoned in storage! My Album… [read more]

Wild Techniques by Neutral Motion Wildthings Records excitedly bring you their next digital 12” release of 2018, “Wild Techniques” by the Japanese psychedelic master Neutral Motion! Teppei Nishimura (Neutral Motion) has become one of the pioneering sounds coming from the Japanese psychedelic community with three albums already released under Wildthings Records and now his first… [read more]

Time Machine EP by Trold Loud sound, smoke and crackling noizes!!? Swirling through the tunnels of the past and the future, the “Time machine” has arrived in 2018! The two Trolds together with some backup from the Brazilian artist Teorema will poke your feet untill you dance like crazy! This E.P. delivers four blasting tracks… [read more]

Attitude Adjustment by Parvati Records Attitude Adjustment is the name of a brand new musical pathogen, designed mainly to cause a contagious full body dance, as well as an optimistic approach to all surrounding matters and energies. Side effects may vary and some might be: Howling at the moon, exploring the dark trenches of the mind… [read more]

Tromo – Harmonies Of Randomness by Tromo walk randomly into the paths of possibilityyou know where you’re goingradiate your frequency to feed the harmonyyou know where you guide the tunethis music is made by uncovering the harmony of your random frequencies credits Mastered by: Petran @ Echology StudiosOriginal Artwork by: PlatsGraphics Editing by: Dark CrystalWritten… [read more]

Bom Shanka by Various Artists Bom Shanka Music can not believe we made it to 10 years old, we’ve released over 200 high quality psychedelic trance tracks and now we have 12 more. We asked for a special track from each of our artists and now after months and months of trying to think of… [read more]

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