Month: February 2018

Kaos – Students of Anthropology by Insomnia Records Insomnia Records proudly presents you the solo album of Kaos aka Dimitris Papapavlos. After the successfull release of the split StrangeKaos album with Stranger back in the 2012 on Goanmantra Records, Kaos has now prepared his own long awaited album consisting of 10 brand new tracks. Students… [read more]

V.A Karacus Marakus by Pralayah Records Compiled By : ManvantraArtwork by : Юрий Андерсон ( Ithi Anderson )Mastering by : Tim Schuldt

Intellectual Captivity EP by Mechanical Species The concept of intellectual captivity originated in the fluster of academic studies. To be riddled by your own mind, captive by your own intellect, stuck in the mean games of faith. Fighting to disembark from the impossible journey of predisposition, and the ultimate failure of it. The only means… [read more]

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