We are very happy to see that Pukkawallah Records (JP) decided to release a CD after releasing the debut EP by the co-founder of Pukkawallah Records SUZI: Suzi and Friends – Suzi Aur Doston. Yeah, yeah……we know……we’re probably a bunch dinosaurs, but we just love to hold a CD in our hands, probably something to… [read more]

Suzi and Friends – Suzi Aur Doston by Suzi We are proudly presents co-founder of Pukkawallah Records, SUZI’s debut EP. Special thanks to Dundoo, Hentaicamera, Moormops, Quip Tone Beatz and Tak for collaboration, Catana, Grimm Records, Milega Records, Sonicloom Music, K.T – Parvati Records for translation in Hindi. credits Mastered by: Studio OMEGAArtwork by: Abel… [read more]

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