Month: April 2019

Tropical Monsters by Various Artists

Electric Universe & Imagine Mars – Harmonic Nature by Sacred Technology Electric Universe and Imagine Mars has teamed up to create ‘Harmonic Nature’ Harmonic Nature’ is a psychedelic playground with acid riffs and sharp-cut melodic structure. Once again Electric Universe and Imagine Mars delivering the goods. Electric Universe on FB: Universe on SC: Imagine Mars… [read more]

Killerwatts have combined their vast expertise in sonic manoeuvring to create a truly tripped out journey of infinite epicness!  Delving deep inside their spiralling minds and extracting the most harmonic cell resonating vibrations, they have perfectly layered each sound for maximum dance floor activating effect. ‘Fractals’ has already become a peak moment in the Killerwatts… [read more]

Special Access by JediMaster JediMaster, a psychedelic sound wave creator from Poland that has surfed through the sonic universe and has mastered the art to be a great musical warrior. He will guide you through the cosmic galaxy and expand your mind. Feel the force within you! FB : :

Arkadia is the brainchild of Pedro Bento, aka Dj Kafar or Synergies. Pedro has been involved in the music scene since 1998 playing at his first event in 2000. Having performed at some of Portugal’s top events and festivals for almost 18 years, Pedro decided to venture in to music production first with a partner Bunker… [read more]

Mighty Jungle by Dual Vision & IKØN Out next on Iono-Music is an impressive collaboration between the recently to iono signed duo Dual Vision together with Ikøn. Fresh crisp beats and a driving bass line are layered with rousing risers, uplifting lines, stimulating sounds and a tender vocal – all sweetly blended to lift your… [read more]

Future Abstraction by Desh FUTURE : a period of time that has to come. ABSTRACTION : an idea that develops by looking at or thinking about a number of different things Future abstraction is the last EP by Desh. Desh is the artist name of the Mexican musician Arturo de Shoenestatt Pena Mena. This is… [read more]

Energetic Connection by Aioaska & Gipsy Soul Out next on Iono-Music – Aioaska & Gipsy Soul team up and bring you ‘Energetic Connection’. This beautiful floating trancer is invigorating and uplifting like a breath of fresh crisp spring air. The blend of enigmatic vocals, elevating risers, rousing arps and impactful stabs succinctly positioned on a… [read more]

Inertia by RADIKAL MOODZ The new ground breaking EP from the french duo brings to your stash bag some top notch collaborations with talented artists from other record labels. These hyper researched tracks come straight from the desire to connect with friends, exchange knowledge and share some fun times in the studio. The result is… [read more]

Welcome to this new series of Artist Collections on NANO, featuring carefully selected tracks from recent singles, EPs and compilations of featured artists. We launch with the man of many names and sounds, Dickster (Dick Trevor) also known as or part of : The Green Nuns of the Revolution, Bumbling Loons, Circuit Breakers, Vogon 42,… [read more]

Broken Symmetry by Digital Om Productions TRISTATE -The Austrian duo again delivers their very unique approach to modern dance music, redefining their own style as «BROKEN SYMMETRY»The EP includes a brand new remix to Sonic Species trademark track «Generation X» and a solo production named «Broken Symmetry». The two tracks couldn’t be more different, still presenting a functional unit, literally a broken symmetry.

Radio Technology by lunatica OUT NOW on Digital Om!

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