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Volcano – Genetic Algorithm (Spectra Sonics Remix) by Sacred Technology Volcano’s ‘Genetic Algorithm’ tracks was released a year ago on his ‘Strange Reality EP’ on Sacred Technology – gets amazing make over from Spectra Sonics Volcano on FB: on SC: Spectra Sonics on FB: Sonics on SC:

Planar by Nektarios Here at the Believe Lab we are happy and honoured to present the new Ep of master Nektarios.His sound is a straight journey into a timeless dimension reaching peaks of insanity through the harmony of organic frequencies.A comfortable music to travel with thanks to the high quality production, round synths and an […]

Magik – Biting Point (Imagine Mars Remix) by Sacred Technology Here comes the newest output from Sacred TechnologyMagik is a promising producer, one of Nano Records most exciting new talents from the UK Psychedelic Trance scene‘Biting Point’ is a massive slammer that already proved itself as having a huge impact over dance floors across the […]

Kundalinis 4th EP with BMSS is a reworking of an epic track by “Astral Projection”. 20 years ago Astral Projections “Power Gen” set dance floors all over the world on fire. In 2019 we are happy to present you a modernized remix of this true Goa Trance classic. This cleverly updated version has Kundalini”s signature kick […]

“To celebrate the new year I decided to give a new glow to a track first written in January 2012. So I shake the dust off a little bit, remix it and now We give it as a gift for you guys 🙂 Happy New Year!“ FREE DOWNLOAD

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