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Source Control by roger rabbit Love is the basis of all that is good, Roger Rabbit breaks it down to present you the Source Code to all Solution which of course is Love!

Penumbra by Flowjob Out next on Iono-Music is Flowjob with his new track – ‘Penumbra’. This floaty progressive trancer will have you soaring through the stratosphere with cool percussion and a soothing bass line; succinctly layered with uplifting risers, sweet melodies and angelic vocals. This track screams of illuminated Summer vibes and is pure nectar […]

Deep underground, in an illegal laboratory, 2 rogue engineers have been experimenting with radioactive material, lysergic acid and some modulated sound waves. The result is Anthropod – a supersonic infectious insectoid set to scuttle into the deepest recesses of your mind. We welcome the boys to our tribe! Tracklist: 01: Anthropod – United Front02: Anthropod – Modular […]

You’re invited to board the Mandala express, departing from the Inspiration Station on an intergalactic journey through Space and Time. The ride goes deep into the land of groovy fractaliscious warpville, where morphing clouds dance with tumbling stars and sounds flow past in ever increasing moments pulling you up to a crescendo of ecstatic bliss! […]

Kaxinawa by Diksha Sangoma Records proudly presents Kaxinawa by Diksha. Our third EP by our Brazil-based artist. 4-floor slamming tracks await you here, including an Ajja remix by Diksha, as well as a collaboration with Kabayun. Kaxinawa is highly inspired by the spirit of the Amazon, which is also reflected in the stunning artwork of […]

Sungazing by Estefano Haze & Multiphase Out next on Iono-Music we have this double tracker release from Estefano Haze & Multiphase called ‘Sungazing’. The title track is a blissed out epic trancer filled with captivating lines, elevating melodies and stunning risers with a beautiful Balearic vibe. The second track ‘Spirituality in Action’ is a driving […]

Infected by Digital Om Productions Moving along the summer festival season, Middle Mode & Spectra Sonics present a tribute to the idea of being «Infected» with the psychedelic bug, the one that connects all beings alike in the magnificent cosmos!

You have the choice by Zephrius Kane, Ital Super combo of our all time favorite Ital & master sound technician Zephirus Kane to bring «You Have The Choice», a driving groovy tune deciphering the analogy of free will!!

Insanity by Sun Iono Music are excited to unleash this massive release „Insanity” from the awesome SUN. First of the two tracks is ‘Insanity’, which is a more laid back trancer; with extra-terrestrial soundscapes, haunting arpeggios and balearic melodies. Next up is ‘Fallen’ a stunning progressive slice of heaven filled with beautifully crafted driving sounds, […]

Stomper Lomer EP by AntHill Deep inside the anthill something extraordinarily was happening, the ants working together they transcend the individual size and bring a unique new stomping release. The result is 2 solo tracks and one collaboration track with Atriohm. Jump into the anthill and have a deep trip! credits Written and produced: Ognen […]

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