Imaginarium by Imaginary Rabbit (Free Download)

Imaginary Rabbit – Imaginarium (free download) by Damaru Records


Pukkawallah – V​.​A. Change Your Mind

We are very happy to see that Pukkawallah Records (JP) decided to release a CD after releasing the debut EP by the co-founder of Pukkawallah Records SUZI: Suzi and Friends – Suzi Aur Doston. Yeah, yeah……we know……we’re probably a bunch dinosaurs, but we just love to hold a CD in our hands, probably something to […]

Pukkawallah - V.A. - Change your Mind

D-ther – The Last Snare Bender

The Last Snare Bender by D-Ther Maharetta Records proudly presents ‘The Last Snare Bender’ by our good friend and amazing Psytrance Artist ‘D-ther’. Enjoy!

D-ther - The Last Snare Bender (Maharetta Records)

KaliYuga – Plantas Sagradas

Plantas Sagradas by KaliYuga – Sangoma Records Sangoma Records proudly presents the debut album “ Plantas Sagradas” from our newly signed act KaliYuga from Italy. Leo (Anarkick) and Stefano (Bresk) have been working together for more than 18 years in different genres using all sorts of digital and analogue technology they got their hands on. […]

KaliYuga - Plantas Sagradas (Sangoma Records)

Dark Notes – Alien Orchestra

Dark Notes – Alien Orchestra by Deviant Force Records The newest addition to the roster, the infamous Brazilian duo Dark Notes, celebrating their debut on Deviant Force with an earth-shattering free release. Five self-titled and carefully curated symphonies merging to one outstanding magnum opus. The narrative of the Ep is audibly based somewhere in the […]

Dark Notes - Alien Orchestra (Deviant Force Records)

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