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In the world of contemporary art, few creators have the ability to capture the imagination and transport audiences to breathtaking realms quite like Daniel Popper. Renowned for his monumental sculptures and immersive art installations, Popper has gained international acclaim for his ability to meld nature, culture, and spirituality into awe-inspiring works of art. With each… [read more]

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01 May 2024

30 May 2024

27 Jun 2024

Switzerland [Zernes]

Burning Mountain 2024

Burning Mountain Festival 2024

05 Sep 2024

Germany [Garlin]

Evolution 2024

After many requests Psychedelic Rave is finally coming back to Amsterdam in collaboration with!! On the 9th of September we’ll bring you 3 stages including a massive outdoor smoking area with a beautiful view of the city of Amsterdam. Pre-sale is available now @ 🍄⚡️💥 What to expect: Main floor:Starlab (IND) Imaginarium (CRO) Virtual Light… [read more]

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Pukkawallah – V​.​A. Change Your Mind

We are very happy to see that Pukkawallah Records (JP) decided to release a CD after releasing the debut EP by the co-founder of Pukkawallah Records SUZI: Suzi and Friends – Suzi Aur Doston. Yeah, yeah……we know……we’re probably a bunch dinosaurs, but we just love to hold a CD in our hands, probably something to… [read more]

Pukkawallah - V.A. - Change your Mind

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