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You might be lucky!  

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21/04/2020 4:44 pm  

Welcome to the new, fresh and yes......of course still empty Forum of

Since you're reading this message, there's a good change you make a chance of winning a Psychedelic.FM T-shirt.

We're giving away 5 T-shirts among the 1st 25 people who start a topic on the forum.
And with a topic, we mean a real question/topic related to Psytrance and not just any post of course.

We've worked very hard to realize the platform and hope that you all will have pleasant interactions on the forum, meet new people, ask questions, join each other in organizing events and of courseĀ  listen to and/or promote you own music.

All is possible!

So, which of you will be the first to post a topic on the forum?


The "Psytrance-com"-team!

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