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Australian Psytrance production mix

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Hi guys ,

Just wanted to share a new production mix / video I have made in the past few months.

Full disclosure that I did not set out to produce Psytrance in its purest form , I wanted to put my own edge on it bringing a slight UK Hardhouse / NRG influence into it and have some fun with it. 
Still easily fits under the Psytrance umbrella at a dark , driving 145 bpm.

I also decided to put the video together for the mix which was my first attempt at video editing, which was a struggle on my well aged 2009 MacBook Pro ... still was a good challenge and hope to improve next time.

Soundwise it has been a return to production for me after 7 / 8 years break , so it’s been great to create something and fun trying to pick up my skills again. Looking forward to evolving moving forward.

Anyway , please check it out and enjoy ... next installment coming soon ..


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