Month: March 2019

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Hujaboy has colluded with fellow crafty critters, Braincell & Vertical, to create these two cheeky little monsters.Both of these tunes will take the dance-floor deep into the realms of psychedelia where the creatures of the night like to come out and play.

Sacred Plants Remixes by Lyktum Iono-Music are excited to bring you our next release – Lyktum – ‘Sacred Plants’ the Remixes – all of which are brought to you by the winners of our recent contest. We were overwhelmed by the incredible standard of entries and have selected our 15 favourites for release! Divergent brings […]

Triangulum by 8LACKOUT We are happy to present to you our next release by the Polish producer Adrian Jurek aka 8LACKOUT! Triangulum is a two tracks single full with emotions and epic melodies. A true anthem for the soul. Don’t miss it!

The Creator by Digital Om Productions Often called the Creator, is a deity or god responsible for the creation of the Earth, world, and universe in human mythology. This EP by V Society is dedicated to this phenomenon also featuring a remix by him of the infamous track by Mad Maxx & CPU — “Shiva on Acid”Enjoy this plurality of innovative soundscapes with intensive driving and uploading melodies which V-Society is known for!!Tracklist

Southern Lights by Digital Om Productions Faders team up with veteran Israeli legend Hujaboy to bring us this track filled fully of Goa Sounds uniquely placed in between the cutting age bassline and titled Southern Lights.

Energy Future by freak control Quantum physicists are finding more evidence that everything is energy at the most fundamental levels!This release by Freak Control peers into this nature of reality.

Under the Matrix by Alienatic Under The Matrix» by Alienatic, which is also Jakaan’s new sound in collaboration with Stellovic, Full-on Psytrance with a funky twist!!

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