Month: July 2018

(GloOmD018) Leopardtron – Kharma Elixir by Leopardtron Gloom Music & Leopardtron are happy to present their latest release “Kharma Elixir”, Leopardtron´s 4th E.P. up to date, comprising of 3 original tracks designed to soothe & inspire the soul. This Elixir will undoubtedly present you with the necessary ingredients to better cope with the pressures of… [read more]

BOSMER – OOZE TALES (E.P) by Pralayah Records In the Aldmeri language, “bos” means forest, and “mer” means people. 

You are cordially invited to step into the mystical world of Bosmer; the new forest psytrance project from Portuguese darkpsy architect LAB.Extracted from the beliefs of these eco-inhabitans, Bosmer intertwines the rejection of conventionality to the… [read more]

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